Scrivener, Oh How I Love Thee

My word counts are embarrassing this week, so I will save myself the shame and keep them to myself. I was working, though. I just wasn’t creating new stuff, which is a habit I need to break.

I was in full-blown edit mode until yesterday. I finished up the edits on Story Seeds to Grow On: 2016, and I submitted the final version to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing so that everyone who has pre-ordered their copies (a BIG thank you to you) will receive yours on time.

And yesterday, with my edits complete, I decided to make use of my Scrivener program, and I began to put all the notes and scraps of paper for my Dragonstone series in one file so I can see what in the hell I am doing. I still have about a foot-tall stack of notes to import and/or type into the file, but I have already made excellent progress. I can finally see the progression of the storyline, and I don’t feel like cowering in a corner and crying when I see the timeline anymore.

Finishing up this organization of my series is my big project this week, so actual word counts for new work will be low unless I finish up early. I am not organized, and I can’t write if I am not organized. My OCD makes my brain shut down.