Dragonstone and Cooties

Well, another week has passed, and I have tried to stay busy and stay focused. I did a decent job, even with a sick kiddo, and then myself coming down with it at the end of the week.

This week’s word count totals are:

  • 9/20: 2910 words written
  • 9/21: 1100 words written
  • 9/22: 0 words written
  • 9/23: 800 words written
  • 9/24: 3290 words written
  • 9/25: 1100 words written
  • 9/26: 0 words written

Altogether a total of 9,200 words this week, which isn’t all that bad since Seth was sick the first half of the week and now I am. Most of my work was on my Dragonstone project, with the exception of a few blog posts that I wrote out in advance for the upcoming month. For the Dragonstone project, for those that haven’t been keeping up with my updates, I have been moving all the notes, partial drafts, timelines, family trees, etc for the entire series (it spans from 1140 TA to 1315 TA, so there are a lot of years to cover) into a large Scrivener file so I can have it all in one place.

It has been a massive undertaking, but all that I have left is three more book plans from my journals to type in, then I have to go through the folders in my filing cabinet to match up partial drafts with the right character and make sure they still work with the current life-path of said character.

I will be continuing this project over this coming week, and I will begin drafting out To Tame the Beast.