Ready, but Still Not Ready

Well, the tree is up, the front porch is cleaned and decorated (which was no small feat because our front porch was still full of the last of our boxes that needed unpacking from moving in), and all the presents I had to buy have been brought.  Sounds like I am ready for Christmas Day, doesn’t it?

I am not ready, by any means.  Anna’s blanket is almost halfway done (and I put a lot of yarn yardage on it today), and I have yet to make her annual hat and scarf. 

As for Sammy’s blanket, it is just UGH!  Every pattern I try just seems blah, or it is way too wide, or the pattern makes up in such a way that there are big holes (which would be fine if they were normal Granny Square-sized holes, but Sammy could slide his foot and most of his leg through these holes).  So that is no where close to done, and I still have to make his hat and scarf.

As for writing and editing, I had plans to have The General’s Keeper ready to publish on the first, but I am way behind on those edits as well.  Hopefully, once Christmas Day passes, I will be able to sit down and edit it, and maybe have it ready to go by the middle of January.

Here’s hoping…