Book Review: Time of the Twins by Margaret Weis

Time of the Twins (Dragonlance: Legends, #1)Time of the Twins by Margaret Weis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my second time reading this novel. The first time, I was the intended audience (pre-teen/teen), and I gobbled this book and the rest of the Dragonlance saga up. Then, I was reading anything and everything fantasy for the sold purpose of filling my thirst for words and my need for adventure.

Now, as an adult, I see so much more when I read through this book the second time. For the book itself, I give it four stars. I love Caramon. I love Raistlin. And I even love Tasslehoff.

But, I would have to dock another star for the simple reason that the entire book is one cliche after another. On top of that, the writing for this book just does not seem to be up to par with the original series. The first half of the novel dragged by so slowly that I almost quit reading it several times, and I (as a budding writer myself) found many places that could have used a lot more editing time.

I would dock another start for that (bringing down to a two-star review), but the cliffhanger-ending is so awesome that I was able to forgive the atrocious writing.

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