Word Count: Ups and Downs



Last week was a bit rough, writing-wise.  I spent the 16th on an all-day field trip with my middle son’s Pre-School class.  My other two sons went with us, and they had a blast.  I was planning on writing on the 45-minute drive there and back, but apparently, I get carsick now.  Either that, or my mom’s driving is more erratic than I remember.  LOL.  Either way, I was too sick to keep my eyes open about ten minutes into the ride on the way there, so I spent the rest of the drive with my eyes closed and my head pressed against the cold glass.  We got home around 1-ish, but everyone was tired and cranky, so we all settled down for a movie and just chilled in the cool AC for the rest of the day.

The next day, I had two of the four kids back at school, so I was planning on writing, but I realized that it was supposed to rain Wednesday and Thursday, so I postponed writing to get my garden weeded and fertilized before the rain arrived.  It rained (lightly) all day Wednesday, so I caught up on some drafting that day.  And when the weather turned out to be beautiful and pleasant on Thursday, the boys (Sammy and Ian) and I helped my dad plant 135 tomato plants in his garden.

And Friday and Saturday, I was back to writing.

This coming week will be seeing a lot of layouts and formatting for the three separate files I have to make to release my work over the different platforms that I use, so my numbers may be a little low.

How had your writing week been?