Stats: May Word Count Close-Out


I will be honest.  May feels like I just stepped off a rollercoaster ride.  I had several really good writing days and several abysmal writing days, but I did at least write something every day, even if it was only a few hundred words.

Over the course of May, I finished editing three writing prompt collections — The Daily Prompt: 2016 Mystery Edition, The Daily Prompt: 2016 Horror Edition, and The Daily Prompt: 2017.  On many of the days where words just would not come to me, I formatted the files for the three editions of each of these books that I release — Kindle Edition, Smashwords Edition, and the Paperback Edition.  So, my brain is pretty much fried from formatting all of those through three different sets of rules and requirements for publishing through each of the individual sites.

I also began the first major rewrite of an upcoming science fiction/fantasy novel, Beyond the Gray Wastes.  This novel covers the mental and physical journey of a man as he and his family walk away from all the is familiar to journey into the wilds beyond their desert home in search of an “abundance of water,” as the story that has been passed down in his family for generations calls it.  But he and his family are not alone.  His best friend and his family are with them, along with two older brothers.  Every one of them is looked down upon in their tribe for their difference in opinion, so each and every one of them are journeying in hopes of finding a new and better life.

Another project started in May was the penning of the first draft of All That Was Lost.  This is more of a Women’s Literature piece, which is a bit outside my comfort zone, but it has been calling out for me to write it for some time.  Before the story opens, our main character, Valerie, has suffered a stillbirth and an emergency kidney transplant that left her hospitalized for a long time.  The story opens several months later.  She is still recuperating, recovering from both the loss of her baby and the slow healing process that comes with a diabetic lifestyle, and she is trying to save what is left of her marriage.  But she is faced with a realization and a decision that she never wanted to make, but for her own happiness, she must make it.

And, if you look at the chart above, you will see a blip of orange there at the end of the month.  Yes, a book idea hit me, and it hit me hard.  After I finish proofing these three paperbacks for The Daily Prompt series, I am planning to sit down and start writing up chapter outlines for that book idea and see if anything comes to fruition.  I won’t make any promises, though, because it is a very generalized idea.

So, May was a bit crazy.  I’m hoping that June is just as fruitful, but I know that my numbers will be lower as the canning and freezing season is upon us here on the farm, and I will have many days where all of my writing takes place while I am waiting for the waterbath canner or pressure canner to process my jars of food.

How was your month?