August Word Count Close-Out


Just to tell you how rough my last week has been, it took me four tries to get the correct month in the title of this entry.  I wrote September three times, and I have no clue where March came from for the fourth attempt.  *facepalms*  Any who, August is over and done.  The last day of the month was my birthday, and I was planning to do some serious writing after the kids went to sleep.  I was hyped, I was energetic…then Seth finally decided to go to sleep somewhere around 11:00, and by that point, I had fallen asleep with him.  I literally staggered and stumbled my way from the kids’ room to my room and fell into bed.  So, writing was a complete no-go last night.

And that wasn’t the first time that my prime writing time has been taken from me this week, or the week before.  Seth has finally hit that stage where there are “things in the dark” and “nightmares happen.”  And for a kid who can’t communicate what he is seeing to me, but sees everything, it is really hard for him to get through a full night without waking up screaming.  Last week was the screaming.  This week was the “uh uh, I ain’t going to sleep.”  I have spent the better part of my nights this last week curled up on the little sliver of his twin-sized bed that I manage to get.

So, September 1st.  It’s Seth’s first day of his second year of Preschool, so I have everyone out the house now except for Ian.  I reveled in the silence.  I have cleaned the kids’ room top to bottom already, gotten meal prep done for our early dinner/late lunch meal that we do on days where my husband has to work, paid the September bills, and I have already done four loads of laundry.  Writing?


It’s okay, though.  I had not planned to write much today anyway because I knew that the sudden silence would be almost deafening, and it was.  I do have a schedule starting up on Tuesday.  Why Tuesday? you ask.  Friday will be spent laying out the groundwork for as much of my current series as I can (I have a large amount of it brainstormed out, but I need to get the who, what, when, and where of the chapters down on paper so I have an outline to work with), then I will have all four of my hellions kids home until Tuesday morning because of Labor Day.  I know that little to nothing will occur writing-wise, so I am just going to go with the flow and hang out with them.

But come Tuesday, my fingers will be streaming across this keyboard in an attempt to tap out 4000 words a day.  By Friday, I should have major foundation written out for my Lifestealer prequel novella that I have been neglecting.

So, that’s August in a handbag, and the beginnings of my plans for September.  What do you plan to work on this month?