Word Count: School Plagues Begin


Sunday crept up on me and slapped me this week.  Monday and Tuesday, I was on a roll.  Words were flying out of my fingertips and onto the page, and it was great!  Then, as it happens every school year after about the first week, one of my kids came home with a cold.  The amount of time that I got to sleep tanked, then another kid started sniffling.  By Friday, everyone in the house except my husband, who was one step away from secluded himself in a plastic ball to keep from getting sick.

When I was awake, I was cleaning up kids (I won’t go into the details there because it wasn’t all wiping noses), and at night, I was catching maybe an hour of sleep, then getting up and cleaning up where someone got sick or just sitting with one of them until their next dose of medication kicked in and they were finally able to lay back down and sleep again.

I still have one that is sick enough to be on my “watch like a hawk” radar, but everyone else is on the mend.  Hopefully, they will all be able to go back to school tomorrow.  And I will con my youngest one into taking a very very long nap, and by Tuesday, I will be able to form sentences with minimal effort.

For now, I am going to drink a Pepsi and drag myself out of my zombie state, and I am going to go cook a meal so that my husband can have a meal to take to work.  Then, I will return to my zombie state until I can get some adequate sleep.