Work(s) in Progress

It is Sunday, once again. Where there is usually a word count chart and a paragraph or two of me offering up excuses on why my word count was so low, there is now this little update.

I am definitely a multi-project person. I intended to only work on The Seer’s Vision until it was completed and on its way to being published, but alas, my brain does not work that way. I have completed a lot of work on The Seer’s Vision, though. All I have left to do is the chapter outlines, and I will work on those starting tomorrow, once I have three-fourths of the minions back at school. I will be holding off on drafting anything, though, because I promised several of my writing friends that I would participate in NaNoWriMo, and The Seer’s Vision is the most ready project that I have.

Yesterday, I shared a map for my Blood Magics series (formerly called Blood of the Magi series). All I have is a map and an idea. I always start there. It gets my mind churning. In this case, I know where the series is going to end, but I have to get my characters there first, so I draw up my world, file that away in my mind, and let the ideas percolate.

But that project is a long way down the writing production chain. Once I finish The Seer’s Vision, I will be working on the Ellis Colony Series (tentatively titled). I have roughs of the first three books in that series, but absolutely nothing for the rest of the books, so I will have to spend some time reworking that series and getting some decent outlines down on paper before I can really begin to work on any of it.

As for the rest of today, I will finish up my formatting and proofreading of Moonlight and Love Songs: 2017, and if time permits, get them keyed into the computer. That prompt edition isn’t due out until late January 2017, but I like to stay ahead of the game on my prompt books.

So, that’s an overview of the last couple of days and a quick synopsis of my plans for the upcoming week and months.

What are you working on right now?