Children, Holidays, and Writing

It’s Saturday morning here, which means that all the kids are home because it isn’t a school day.  Not usually all that bad.  I can’t write or edit, but I can usually finish a few of my “business” tasks, such as scheduling a few social media posts, making a few book cover choices, etc.

But, for this house, it is trick or treat night, or Trunk or Treat as we do it around here.  Members of our church who don’t have small kids park their cars in a large, open, decently-lit field, and they decorate the trunks/backs of their vehicles.  The kids move from car to car, getting candy, getting surprised, and just having fun.  The church Youth Group cooks hot dogs, and we do a picnic-style dinner, and the kids are safe and they all have fun.

So, my kids are one step away from “nuts” this morning.  They are excited, they are pretending to be the things they are dressing up as, and it’s all in good fun, but I can barely even form the sentences for this post.

So, I will be shutting down my laptop after this, and I will be hanging out with my kids and getting things together for tonight.  I still have to find the candy buckets.  But writing–I don’t think that is going to happen until Monday.