Quick Drop-In

Good evening, everyone!  I know this blog has been really quiet since the beginning of November, but I promise that many new things are just around the corner.

Last week, I worked diligently on the Pangaea series.  This series is part of my blog schedule for the upcoming year, so I need to get all of the preliminary planning for it done before Christmas so that I can start 2017 off on schedule (as opposed to 2016 where I started off behind on the first day.  LOL).

This week, I will be continuing my work on Pangaea (mostly with research), and I will be drafting a Christmas novella to release before the end of the year.

Those are the only two items, writing-wise, on my work agenda for the week because I will also be hammering out the rest of my WordPress blog/Goodreads blog/Wattpad read-along schedule for 2017.  There is so much new stuff starting at the beginning of the year that I cannot wait for it to get here just so we can all enjoy it together.  (Ask me if I am still excited about it around February 1st.  Ha!)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!