Weekly Update: February 12 through February 18

I am so tired of someone or everyone in this house being sick.  I’ve had Seth home all week with the exception of Friday, and guess who woke up sick on Friday?  *raises hand* Very little was done this week.  I tried to edit in between bouts of Seth being sick and Seth sleeping, but it was very hard to concentrate on it.  I’ve made notes on the first half of The Disappearance of Ray Delgado, but I have not written another word on it, editing-wise.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I have to break my writing schedule so early in the year.  I will be postponing the release of Delgado until sometime in the beginning of March.  I will know more as I progress through the week, and I should be able to give you a definite release date by next Sunday.

I already know that Friday is mostly shot because I will be going with Seth to the Autism Learning Center to have him evaluated for Autism.  He’s reached the point where the school system wants to get an exact classification for him on the Autism-spectrum so that they can get him the help that he needs.

I’m hoping to have the brunt of the rewrites on Delgado done by Thursday (with me finishing my notes on the chapters by tomorrow night, at the latest).  If all goes according to plan, I will turn that draft over to my betas, and I will turn my attention towards finishing up The Seer’s Vision first draft and preparing Delgado’s launch.

But for right now, since three out of the four kids are napping, I will be joining them.

Here’s hoping that no one else gets the flu this year.  It sucks.  (This is my second pass with it…)