Book Review: Blonde and Blue

Blonde & Blue by Trina M. Lee

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I really hate to have to give any of these books of this series such a low rating, but this one just fell flat for me. The Alexa character I grew to love in the first three has become a whiny child, and Shaz has gone completely off the deep end and become territorial male. There are scenes where I was honestly expecting him to shift and start peeing in the corners. Arys is just, well, being more Arys than usual. Always keeping his secrets that he has now taken beyond the grave, and leaving Alexa in the dark when he could answer a lot of questions if he’d act like he really loved her and just told her stuff.

I was happy to see the Kale character finally come to fruition. I knew by the second book that he felt more than friends with Alexa, and I was glad to see them finally act on it, but really, did their sex scene have to be better than any other sex scene in the book? A love triangle has less interesting sex scenes than a back alley love scene–really? I really hope that the Kale relationship doesn’t disappear because it is obvious that Alexa is what he needs, whereas Shaz is doing everything he can to destroy what he and Alexa have, and Arys acts like he could care less most of the time.

If you can push through this book, please do, because I’ve already jumped on the fifth one and the series does get better, but you do need some of the background information from this one to know what’s going on in the fifth.