Book Review: Darkangel

Darkangel by Christine Pope

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This book was like running a long marathon because it promises a prize to only get to the end and realize the prize is a crummy t-shirt. It was well-written, and honestly, I could not put it down. I read and read until I got to the end, then I was angry.

Angela has to be the most dim-witted protagonist I have ever read about. She is having these dreams that are telling her that only one man in the whole world is meant for her. None other will ever attract her the way this “promised man” does, so why, oh why, does she not realize that just because she can’t sense power in Chris that he can still be her consort? It was obvious to me the moment he was introduced. She could not keep her eyes off of him, she could not stop thinking about him. If only one man in the world was supposed to effect her thus, then why did she not see it?

Secondly, we read this whole book about how she is supposed to find this mystery man and all the while, she has to worry about the evil Wilcoxes kidnapping her and stealing her power. I knew that Chris was really a Wilcox the moment they started coming into the story. And then we went read up until the moment she bonds with him, and that’s it, the story is over. Wait, what?

I was a bit peeved because a) this whole book was one big letdown, and b) I can’t afford to go buy every single sequel to every story I want to keep reading about. So I will have to settle with only knowing half the story with this novel.