Poem: Drowning by Jessica Cauthon

Drowning: A Dark Poem by Jessica Cauthon - www.jccauthon.com #poetry #writing #dark

DROWNING by Jessica Cauthon

Murky waters trap me,
Surround my body
Waiting for me to open
My mouth so they can enter.
Air eludes my lungs
As I struggle to reach
The surface.
It is to no avail.

I can see the sun,
An abstract glimmer on
The water.
It dances above me
As the water ripples against
The shoreline.
I want to feel the sun
Touching my skin.

My hair wraps around
My face and throat,
Choking out the air I have left.
Life is ending.
I struggle upward
But the waters pull me down.

The invading waters
Enter my lungs
As my body gives up
No more breath in my body.
Only silence…
And death.


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