A Week in Review: March 11, 2018

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It has been so long since I have written an update that I truly don’t know where to begin. The plan was to start my new year off with my nose to the grindstone and to plow through a few of my shorter, unfinished writing projects before the end of the first quarter, but things have not gone as intended.

What am I Currently Writing?

I have only published one short story so far, and it’s one that many of you have already seen in a near-completed form. I published The Last Smoke on Amazon at the end of February.

I have finally completed a very rough draft of The Siren’s Song, and I am hoping to have that edited before the end of the week.

I planned to start working on The Jewel of the Mountain this week but time got away from me. I have done little more than set up my outline and my scenes. I am hoping to start drafting it this week.

What am I Currently Reading?

Over the last half year or so, I stopped reading. I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was simply because I couldn’t find a book that could hold my attention or if all the crap that was going on in my personal life was just too much, but I haven’t read. I finally picked up a book last week, and even though it is one that I have read at least ten times, I am enjoying it.

When we moved four years ago, I learned that many of my books that had been put in storage had taken water damage. I lost about 90% of my paper books. I was heartbroken. Especially when I found that my Lord of the Rings set was lost as well. This is a series that I had read so many times that the paperback books stayed open without me having to lay the book face down. So, when I found the full set at our local Friends of the Library book sale, I jumped on it. (I also jumped on about a hundred or so other books–for a dollar a piece, who can resist?)

So, last week, I picked up The Hobbit. I am only about halfway through it because I get very little reading time with four kids, but I am thoroughly enjoying my journey through Middle Earth.

I will probably continue through the rest of the series as time permits, and if I have written book reviews on them, I will. It has been a long time since I have posted a book review on the blog, and I really want to get back to that practice.

I also found a few Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms novels, so I will be moving into those next.

A Brand New Venture

Another project that I have been working on since early November is my new shop on Etsy. I do not sell my books there. That would be against the Amazon TOS, but I do sell many writing-related items there. And I’m adding more every day.

Writing is a passion for me. There aren’t many forms of writing that I do not enjoy. My shop offers stationery, bullet journal templates (more on bullet journals below), and I will soon be adding office supplies, journaling pages, and so much more.

Why Stationery?

Many of you don’t know this about me, but I am an avid writer. And not just of short stories. I love writing letters to others. And I’m not talking about e-mails. Real letters, written on real paper, with an envelope and a stamp.

Nothing brightens up my day like going to the mail box and finding a letter from a friend or a small package.

But because of my current life situation, I found it to be hard to go into town to replenish my stationery supplies. I know I could just write on notebook paper, but I love sharing pretty pictures with my friends, and beautiful stationery is the one “treat” I allow myself when I can because paper tends to be fairly inexpensive.

So, I started creating my own on my computer. Eventually, I learned that I love designing my own stationery and decided to start sharing it with others.

And thus, For the Words was born.

A Broad View of Bullet Journaling

But writing stories and writing letters are not the only things that I do every day, so I had to get myself organized. This is where bullet journaling comes in. Bullet journaling has been a lifesaver for me. Think of it as a planner/journal made your way.

I tried for years to get by on those yearly, monthly, and daily planners that you can find in the office supply section in stores. I’d redesign sections, rename sub-sections, scrawl in the margins, stick post-it notes everywhere. There was never enough room, and the layout was never conducive to my way of planning.

Those planners soon fell to the wayside, forgotten, and I continued to become more and more disorganized.

And then I discovered bullet journaling, and my life changed forever. I very rarely forget appointments now (I have my moments, but that is due to mom-brain, not because I wasn’t using my journal), I can set up my days exactly as I need to and if I run out of room, I can turn the page and I have a whole blank page right there I can use.

I can also keep all of my notes in one place, which is amazing to me. No more piles of stapled paper sitting around because I have my 5-year schedule here, my project task lists here, the list of books I want to read here, my weekly schedule over there, etc. It’s all in one book, and it fits in my purse.

I tend to keep a handwritten bullet journal. This allows me to change my setup as I need. Many people like printing off templates and adding them to a 3-ring binder to fill out each week. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal.

You can do it your way.

My way may help others, which is why I began to create templates of my pages and offered them in my shop as well. They take a bit longer for me to make than my stationery, so I only have a few listed at the moment. More will be arriving soon.

For the Words gives me another creative outlet that I needed to keep me writing. You can click on the name of the shop or the link below to visit the shop.

\/   \/   \/   \/

Also, if you think that writing letters is something you would like to try, I would love to hear from you. Anyone, worldwide. I will gladly correspond with my readers from overseas. Just please remember that just like you, I have a busy schedule. You may hear from me within the week, or it may take me a month. But you will hear from me. My address is below:

Jessica Cauthon
2034 Futrell Robson Rd.
Bethel, NC 27812

In Conclusion

Wow, this was a large update. I hope I haven’t inundated you with all this new information. As always, I hope that you enjoyed this week’s update, and I can’t wait to hear from you. Please keep an eye out for many new upcoming posts. They will be arriving sporadically at first, but I’m hoping to get this blog on a set posting schedule soon.

As always, I love reading your comments, so feel free to leave one below. And I hope you all have a great and productive week!

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  1. Oh, I love stationery. I’m going to check out your shop. I probably owe you a letter too! I’ve been really slack in that regard. I think it’s been about a year since I sent anyone a letter.
    I always thought of bullet journals as like abbreviated journals rather than a way to keep track of lists. You know I love lists! I’ll have to look into it more.

    1. I am going to be writing more posts on bullet journals and different ways to use them soon. I love my bullet journal. I tend to get nothing done when I don’t prepare my week in mine.

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