Jessica Cauthon is a full-time author. She has always been a story-teller, taking her first plunge into the writing world with a short story written in kindergarten. She held onto this urge to write as she grew up, always keeping her nose in a book that she was reading or in a notebook where she was scribbling her stories. Jessica majored in English: Creative Writing at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

She now resides in rural Eastern North Carolina with her four kids and a farm full of animals, and she publishes under the following names:

Jessica Cauthon (Fantasy)
J. C. Cauthon (Nonfiction/Contemporary Fiction)
C. J. Cauthon (Science Fiction)
Caroline Cauthon (Urban Fiction)
Caroline Jessup (Tween/YA Science Fiction and Fantasy)

For information on upcoming releases, book giveaways, or just to drop Jessica a note, please feel free to contact her. She’ll be pleased to hear from you!


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  1. Thanks for liking my blog post. It is the first on my new blog, just set up hours before you read it! I haven’t even had time to find a more appropriate banner image than the one that comes with the theme.

    I’m working on my memoir and will be sharing information about my life – pieces that don’t fit within the arc of my journey from adventure-seeking young woman to a middle-aged woman with a mission. I hope you’ll check back again soon.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and liking. Just want to say it was a bigger shock to see someone like yourself, an actual writer to take out some time and read what I wrote. So thank you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site! I’ve enjoyed reading through yours – especially your word count posts. It’s really interesting and helpful to read about how someone else balances personal/professional pursuits with motherhood!

  4. Hey, I’m a North Carolinian too! (Durham) Even though I’m a Northwesterner now, it’s great to get to “know” you, fellow tarheel-writer. Thanks for visiting Wing’s World!

    1. I’m still trying to figure out how my month already looks in February. I don’t want to commit now, only to have to back out once I learn that February is way too busy to keep up with everything I have obligated myself to do. I’ll let you know soon if I am in.

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