A Week in Review: November 12th

A Week in Review: November 12th - J. C. Cauthon #wip #writing #writingprompts

Good morning, everyone!  It’s Sunday morning here in eastern North Carolina, the sun is shining, but it is cold.

It has been a busy and productive week here.  As many of you know, I am working towards the goal of beginning to publish my fiction works.  As I write in several genres consistently, I have decided to set up pen names for each genre.  I spent the majority of my week setting up websites for those four fiction names, and I have updated the links in the “For New Readers” section in the upper right-hand side of your screen.  Feel free to visit them, but please keep in mind that I am building them in my spare time, so several pages haven’t been populated yet, and the blog has not begun, either.

The rest of my week was spent working on my nonfiction books.

The Daily Prompt 2017: December

For those of you who use my prompt collections, the December edition of The Daily Prompt 2017 will be coming out on November 21st.  It contains thirty-one brand new prompts and rounds out the year with a final prompt that will help you focus on your writing goals for 2018.

The Daily Prompt 2017: December Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017: December Workbook has the same thirty-one prompts as the e-book edition, but this format allows writers to pen their own notes on the pages alongside each prompt.  It will be published on November 28th.

This will be the final workbook that I will be publishing.  I tested the waters for six months to see if this would be a welcome commodity, and in all honesty, the only copies I sold were to myself as I purchased proofs to make sure all the formatting was correct.  So, unless a large group rallies and begs me to continue with these paperback editions, they will no longer be published.

I will, however, continue to publish the full 2017 prompt collection in paperback format.  This edition lists each prompt and does not provide the space to write out your response to the prompts within the book.

The Daily Prompt 2018 series

I have been steadily working on the prompts and formatting for the 2018 Daily Prompt series.  These will begin to roll out to the stores on December 26, 2017 with the publication of The Daily Prompt 2018: January.


That has been my week.  With the holiday season coming up, the kids are I are looking forward to adding some new traditions to the home.   I will continue to write throughout the holiday season, but my daily word count will not be as much as it has been.  I will also be spreading my words out between my nonfiction projects and my fiction projects.

Tune in next week for my next update.

Weekly Update: November 5th

A Week in Review: November 5th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #wip #planningUsually when I sit down to write these reviews, I have a whole list of things that I have done throughout the week to announce.  It’s just not meant to be this week.

Last week’s Update post didn’t even occur due to the flu and the energy drain that comes with it.  I am no longer feverish or dealing with any of the grosser symptoms of the illness, but my energy has not returned to its full strength.

Still, though, I have pushed.  When November 1st arrived, I made myself get up out of bed when my alarm went off.  I gathered the kids’ clothing for school and got all of their stuff set up for the day, and I got to work.  I wrote my 1700 words for NaNoWriMo Day 1.  I did the same for Day 2 and Day 3.  By Day 4 (also known as Saturday), I had reached my limit again.  I was exhausted, and I knew that I had things that I had to do this weekend.  Three of the four kids had to get packed and ready to go to their Dad’s house (child 4 is special needs, and Dad doesn’t feel comfortable dealing with all four of them alone), Child 4 and I had plans to go to the church’s annual chili supper and fund-raiser, and I knew that the kids had Christmas play practice on Sunday.

I had to rest.

So I took this weekend off from writing.

Today, instead of writing on my NaNoWriMo project, I will be looking forward–figuring out my 5-year plan and path for my writing goals.  I do this every year, usually in December, but why not give myself more time to reflect and pace myself for 2018 and so on.  I have discovered since my husband moved out in August that having goals for each month, each week, each day help me accomplish things.  If I can mark off that I have done something, I feel better.  So, expanding those goals out to include things that I would like to have done within a year, 5-years, 10-years seemed to be a sensible thing today.

I will pick back up with my writing tomorrow, once the children are back in school and we are back on our normal schedule.  But today, I plan.


Quick Check-In

I am sorry that it has been almost two weeks since I have checked in with everyone here.  Things should be picking up here this week.

The last week of October, I came down with a severe bout of the flu.  It took me right off my feet.  I managed to push for the one night of Trunk or Treating so that the kids could go this year, but I spent most of the next day asleep on the couch.  Thank goodness my parents had the kids most of the day because I needed the rest.

I started to feel better on Halloween (October 31st), but I still was not well, so the thought of sitting in front of this computer to update my blog was a bit too much.

Then November arrived, and with it came NaNoWriMo.  I promised myself that I was going to participate in NaNo this year, and I was going to write every single day of it, so I got myself up and punched out about 1400 words.  But that was all the energy I had.

I’ve managed to keep up with my word count every day so far, but my energy is still low, so I won’t be updating the blog again until Sunday.  I hope that everyone has a great week.

Weekly Update: October 22nd

A Week in Review: October 22nd - Jessica Cauthon http://www.jccauthon.com #writing #reading #planningI will speak honestly here. It has been a long week. We had another quick attack of the stomach bug swoop through here on Monday and Tuesday. My girl was sent home from school on Monday, and then she was home all day on Tuesday. I finally got her back up and into her daily routine just to have my youngest boy start showing symptoms on Thursday. So, even though I finished a lot of work every day, I still got off schedule a lot. I probably didn’t complete as much as I could have this week, but any progress is some progress.


This week was all book formatting, as fun as that sounds. I did simplify the process of setting up all the different books for The Daily Prompt series that comes out this year. Instead of setting up one full year and working backwards to create the monthly editions like I did in 2017, I went month by month for 2018. I finished all the formatting on Friday. It’s done. I pulled all the e-book versions yesterday—all the monthly editions, the box sets, and the full yearly collection that I release.

They are all done.

This coming week, I am going to start laying out the monthly workbooks. If everything goes according to plan on those, I will have them all finished and ready to hit “Publish” on by Saturday afternoon. But I know that it’s Halloween week here for our county, and I have two birthdays to deal with (one in the family and one for a friend’s kid), and I will probably have to spend a few hours in town at some point this week, filling in the groceries for school lunches and such. I may have to push two or three of those workbooks into next week, but that’s fine.

I just want to get the whole year finished up before the actual year begins so that I can focus on my fiction work for 2018.


I didn’t finish any of my books for this week, and since I have kept a constant headache for three days now, I am going to forgo reading this week. Stressing my eyes on the computer screen then doing the same to read a book on a tablet probably isn’t helping this headache at all, so I will just take a week off and jump back into my books next week.

Etsy Shop

I finished listing all of my Halloween stationery in the shop last week, and I will begin to list all of the Thanksgiving and other holiday sets this week. I have also been working on some new products, including a set of monthly planners, some monogrammed stationery sets, and a variety of bullet journal page spreads.

That has been my entire week. It really doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it out like this, but I was busy all week. Let’s hope that I continue to make progress this coming week.

Weekly Update: October 15th

A Week in Review: October 15th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #reading #etsyWhen I started my weekly updates at the beginning of the year, I never looked forward to Sundays. I always felt like I had failed. I never managed to finish as much as I wanted to, and that always made me feel horrible. It took me a long time to realize that I was an “over-scheduler.” I wasn’t realistic. With four kids and all the daily household chores I have to do, there was simply no way I could write eight thousand words in a single day, read four or more chapters of a book, and finish anything.

It was quite disheartening. Especially since I knew. I knew that before the end of the year, I would be on my own—just me and the four kids.

I had to get to the point where I was finishing things every week.

And this week, I finally did it.

With the exception of my one hour spot on Friday for creating new products for my Etsy shop, I accomplished every single task I had planned this week. All of them. So, without much further ado, let’s go over what I did this week and what I have planned for this upcoming week.


A Week in Review: October 15th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #reading #etsyLast week, I picked out two Dragonlance novels to read this week. Brothers Majere was the first book that I chose this week. It is the third book of the Preludes series, and it was written by Kevin Stein. I had actually read this one before, so I knew what to expect, and I found this book to be a quick light read, at least compared to Brother in Arms.

Brother in Arms is Book 2 in the Raistlin Chronicles, and it was co-written by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. Most readers won’t find this book as heavy as I found it to be, but I’m also an older audience than is intended for theA Week in Review: October 15th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #reading #etsy book, and I was able to see more of what each outcome meant for the twins and for their half-sister. I love reading about the Majere twins, and it never mattered to me that Raistlin turned into a twisted beast of a person—I still loved them both. For the most part, however, I found that most of this novel felt like a forced plot, and a lot of the secondary characters felt like cardboard cut-outs. I am happy to have gotten a glimpse into more of the twins’ histories, but I will not be revisiting this book like I have so many other Dragonlance novels.

A Week in Review: October 15th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #reading #etsyThis week, I am reading one book from Dragonlance and another fantasy novel that I apparently forgot I purchased. I dug through my Kindle e-book purchases this week, and I found many books that I purchased almost four years ago that I still haven’t read, so I picked one of them as A Week in Review: October 15th - Jessica Cauthon #writing #reading #etsymy second book for this week. Call of the Herald is by Brian Rathbone, and it is the first book in The Dawning of Power Trilogy. I purchased this one back in 2013, and it’s high-time I read it. I will also be reading Chosen of the Gods by Chris Pierson. It is Book 1 of The Kingpriest Trilogy. I have never read this Dragonlance novel, but I am hoping that since it is by an author I have never read that it will be a good read.


I made a lot of progress with my writing over the last week. I chose one project, and I stuck with it, which is a rarity for me. Since the first monthly edition of The Daily Prompt 2018 series will be coming out in December, I knew I had to get that whole series finished up and ready to go as soon as I could. I did not finish it this week, but I made a lot of progress. All of my prompts are written, proofread, and they have all been assigned to their day of the year. I also set up all the title pages, copyright pages, front and back matter, and covers for the monthly, quarterly, and yearly e-book collections. I can’t start on the monthly workbook editions or the yearly paperback edition until I have finished setting up all the daily entries.

For The Words

I held off on posting new items to my shop this week. I wanted to focus more on creating the new items instead of feeling like I was constantly rushed to get one item all set up and posted by the end of the day.

This week, I will begin posting items again. All items this week will be stationery items, but if my creation time goes according to plan this week, I should have some planner-type projects to list and perhaps a NaNoWriMo word tracker.

Goals for the Upcoming Week

So, I’m looking forward to this week. How about you? I have a lot of goals that I am hoping to reach.

I want to read Call of the Herald and Chosen of the Gods by Saturday evening.
I want to finish setting up and proofreading the daily entries for The Daily Prompt 2018.
I want to pull the digital versions of the monthly editions, quarterly editions, and the yearly edition of The Daily Prompt 2018 by Friday afternoon.
I want to create at least two new planner spreads and nine new stationery sets for the shop by Friday afternoon.
And I want to list five items in the shop this week.

I better get cracking.