The Storm Has Passed

I know it has been two (?) weeks since I have really updated this blog with something besides book reviews. It has been a hell of a two weeks. My oldest bought home the cold plague from school, and it has been running rampant through this household. Even with four kids, I prefer sicknesses (if they have to hit) to hit all four at once and just get it over with, but this one hit Anna, then Sammy, and while it lingered in my poor asthmatic’s lungs, it passed itself on to my husband, Seth, and Ian. So far, I have only had a slightly runny nose, which is fortunate because I’ve been taking care of everyone. Writing has not been happening, at least not as much as I have wanted it to.

I managed to get the ten-chapter layouts outlined for the final two novellas of The Beast Within trilogy. It’s not a lot, but at least I know what is happened, when it’s happening, and why it is happening, and I also know what it causes to happen.

That being said, my word counts for the last two weeks are abysmally low, but at least I wrote something.

  • 8/30: 800 words written
  • 8/31: 498 words written
  • 9/1: 150 words written
  • 9/2: 450 words written
  • 9/3: 375 words written
  • 9/4: 550 words written
  • 9/5: 3200 words written
  • 9/6: 730 words written
  • 9/7: 210 words written
  • 9/8: 0 words written
  • 9/9: 0 words written
  • 9/10: 150 words written
  • 9/11: 570 words written

The last two weeks were not a total loss, but there were a couple of days where I did nothing but pump albuterol into Sammy and Ian every two hours to relieve their asthma issues. September 5th was a good day. It was when the eye of the storm passed over–no one was so sick that a little sleep did not fix the issue, so I was able to get a bit more done.

All-in-all, I plotted the three acts, turning points, and midpoints for To Tame the Beast, The Beast Within, Lost, Survival, Brave New World, Mists of Solace: Book 1, and Mists of Solace: Book 2. And I wrote up a ten-chapter layout for To Tame the Beast and The Beast Within. The rest of the writing was journal entries just to get my brain to settle down enough that I could rest inbetween taking care of the kids.

There were also a few days where I sketched out maps, so progress was made. With almost everyone well now (with the exception of my husband and Ian), I’m hoping that my writing will begin to pick up again. I know that my readers on Wattpad will be pleased.


It was not a very productive week when it comes to finishing drafts. I tried to plow through the draft of To Tame the Beast, which is the sequel to The First Born, but my mind just could not do it. Nothing that I write sounds like it was written by someone with a brain. It is just because I am tired. Between school starting back and the fall activities on the farm picking up, my kids have been overly excited, and they are hard to keep contained during the day and they are not sleeping well at night.

But I did manage a few words this week:

  • 8/23: 0 words written
  • 8/24: ~1300 words written
  • 8/25: 0 words written
  • 8/26: ~850 words written
  • 8/27: ~300 words written
  • 8/28: 0 words written (Seth was irritable from doctor’s appt. all day)
  • 8/29: 0 words written (I think I will be using Saturdays for reading days from now on)

The specific projects I worked on:

  • The Beast Within Trilogy: finished outlining the last two novellas of the series
  • The Prodigal Trilogy: outlined the entire series to prepare it for drafting
  • Brave New World Series: this is a new idea I am brainstorming. I laid out the characters, researched the time period most of the series takes place in, and I’ve been brainstorming the initial novella

It was not a completely wasted week, but it was not very productive either. I’m hoping that once I get Seth in preschool on Monday, and we all fall into routine that I will be able to get more done daily. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get some sleep. LOL

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Not Exactly What I Had Planned

Well, I was semi-bad again. I was supposed to write on novella two of The Beast Within trilogy this week, but for the life of me, I could not write anything that did not read like absolute drivel at the end of the day. So, I put it aside to think on it some more, and I returned to my outlining and brainstorming.

I finished filling in two of the family trees for the Dragonstone saga, and I finally finished laying out all the histories for the countries that are involved in the saga.

After I did that for a couple of days, it was Thursday, and I still had nothing that sounded good for The Beast Within novella, so I turned to a different writing project–organization and brainstorming. It helps my brain think when it feels organized. I spread all my cardboard file boxes out in front of me, and I dug and put together future stories, outlined events that needed to happen to characters later in the family tree, and I planned out the final part of the series. Got to have an ending to work towards, don’t we?

After I had gone as far as I could with that, I moved to an entirely different project in a completely different genre. I took all day yesterday to outline the full series of The Fallen. It will be a while before I get around to actually writing them up, but they are ready to go when I get to them.

All in all, it was not the week of writing that I had planned, but I did make considerable progress. Hopefully, my brain will get in gear this week, and I’ll be able to form complete sentences that don’t make Relanka sound like a sniveling child or make Leif seem like a raging lunatic.

Here's Your Chance!

Here’s your chance to see some of my works in progress before they hit the shelves.  Click the cover photo below to go to Wattpad to read the current draft of The First Born from The Beast Within trilogy (a Dragonstone novella).