Outlines and Brainstorms

I was a wee bit bad this week. I wrote. I wrote a lot. But, it’s all handwritten, and it’s all outlines and brainstorming notes, so um, I don’t have a word count. I did, however, almost fill up a Mead 100-page composition notebook.

I outlined:

  • Mists of Solace trilogy, novella 1
  • Mists of Solace trilogy, novella 2
  • Mists of Solace trilogy, novella 3
  • brainstormed more parts to the Dragonstone story
  • planned out The Fallen series
  • planned out the Mark of the Valkyr series

I will be very busy writing these stories out over the next few months, and if any of these stories sound interesting to you, please remember that you can read most of my drafts on my Wattpad profile: http://w.tt/1Uwbyay

I will be working on the next rewrite of The Beast Within this coming week, so there will be a word count next Sunday.

Have a great week!

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Part 6 of The Beast Within on Wattpad!

I’ve added a new part to The Beast Within on Wattpad.  Take a moment to follow the link, read, comment and/or vote!


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Progress and More Progress

I completed the first major push into my third draft this week. The Beast Within is the only project I worked on for the majority of the week, with an exception on Friday where (after losing one of my last two contact lenses on Thursday) I was unable to squint at my computer any longer, so I closed my laptop and wrote in my journal instead. (It didn’t help my headache at all, but I didn’t want to stop writing.)

So, my totals for the week by day are:

  • 8/2: 4,648 words written
  • 8/3: 9,654 words written
  • 8/4: 5,942 words written
  • 8/5: 2,296 words written
  • 8/6: 0 words written (massive headache)
  • 8/7: 2,592 words written
  • 8/8: Worked on cover design all day

Altogether a total of 25,132 words written this week. The specific projects I worked on:

The Beast Within: 23,632 words. That’s an epic achievement for me right there. I forced myself to focus on the same project all week, and I made that much progress towards 100,000 words. Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Mists of Solace: 800 or so words of rough outlining as I work out the ups and downs of the plot and try to splice together two drafts that decided to take the story in their own direction. I will be focusing a bit more on that this coming week.

The Fairies Collection: 700 or so words as I created characters and outlined the story for several first-chapter books for my daughter’s age group. Nothing written yet, but hopefully soon.