New Release: The Daily Prompt 2017

The Daily Prompt 2017 - J. C. Cauthon #writingprompts #writing #inspirationDo you have days where you feel like your written words are blocked?

Do you sit down, wanting to write, but find that the words don’t come?

The Daily Prompt 2017 is a collection of writing prompts designed specifically to help you get words on the page.  Each prompt is inspirational in its own way, and with a prompt for each day of the year, you are certain to find something to write every day.

Use these prompts to break the dam that is holding back your words and get yourself in the habit of writing every single day.

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The Daily Prompt 2017: 365 Creative Writing Prompts for 365 Days of the Year - J. C. Cauthon #writing #writingprompts #creativewritingFor more books by J. C. Cauthon, please visit her Book List.


New Release: The Daily Prompt 2017: November

The Daily Prompt 2017: November - A Creative Writing Prompt for Every Day of November - J. C. Cauthon #writing #writingprompt #writingreferenceThe Daily Prompt 2017: November hit the Amazon shelves today.  This collection contains thirty brand new prompts, one for each day of November, in one convenient list.  Purchasing it today will give you enough time to prepare for the first day of November.

With NaNoWriMo on the horizon, along with several other write-athons, The Daily Prompt 2017: November is just what you need.  Each writing prompt is sure to spark a story.

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For more writing prompt collections by J. C. Cauthon, visit her author page.  She releases writing prompt collections every month.

Weekly Update: October 1st

Weekly Update: October 1st - Jessica CauthonGood morning, everyone! I hope that you are having a better day than I am. One of my sick kittens that I have been nursing for almost a month died this morning, so it has been a rough start to the day. But, although it has been a rough day already, I do have appointments to keep, which is why I am here, writing this post. This week saw a large amount of progress on a few fronts, which makes me very happy. So, without dwelling on today’s sadness, let me update you on what happened here in the home office this week.


Writing began! I was amazed, myself. I actually found a writing group on that does an October NaNoWriMo prep activity. Thirty-one days of questions to help you flesh out your writing project for NaNoWriMo in November. It has been an ongoing project for the members of that group for several years now, and I had bookmarked it, but I never really looked at it again. Then, in a fit of frustration because I knew NaNo was in a month and I have been participating in it since 1999, I looked up how to prepare for the month-long event. I found that list of questions.

I printed them off and stuck them in the workbook I have set up for The Road to Prosperity. I started working on them yesterday and wow, the ideas are flowing now. The Road to Prosperity is not my NaNo project, though. It will be nowhere near the 50,000 word goal for the event once it is complete, but it’s a place to start.

Hopefully, once I have gone through this list of questions once, I will be able to focus on a novel-length project at least long enough to punch out 50,000 words for NaNo. I have never skipped a year, and I don’t plan to do it this year. Even if I have to spend the whole month simply fleshing an idea out, it will be a project goal to work towards.


Reading was a bit of a hit and miss this week, but I did finish both of the books that I had assigned myself to read for the week. I assigned myself to read Brother of the Dragon and Book in a Month: The Fool-Proof System to Writing a Novel in 30 Days this week. I am hoping that Book in a Month will get me moving towards actually finishing any one of my many novels. I don’t even care which pen name it is for at the moment. I just want to finish any of the novel projects I have begun over the years.


I drew a few concept pieces this week. My current focus is on designing stationary for the shop I want to open on Etsy for all type of writing. I worked on lettering for a long time this week, outlining and coloring/shading calligraphy and other fancy letter types. As soon as I can get my scanner and computer to agree to work together, I will scan those in, clean them up, and begin to convert them to stationary-style PDFs.

I also went on the hunt for my older artwork. I have moved three times since the last time I drew a picture, so I am fairly certain that my sketchbooks and art supplies are crammed down in a storage tub somewhere, but I have not found them yet. Art supplies I can replace eventually, but my sketchbooks are irreplaceable. I don’t know how I will feel if I never find them. I still have a few more tubs and storage closets to go through, so hopefully, I will find them.


This section has been carrying the largest amount of my focus this week. My goal is to get my Etsy shop up and running by the end of November, but I have hit a roadblock. I can’t think of a name for the shop. I know that the shop will only ever contain writing-related items, but those items do span several different types of writing. I will have bullet journal template pages eventually, stationary, and I am thinking about setting up a NaNoWriMo word tracker and a few products that pertain to writing novels and world-building. It’s a lot of ground to cover with one name, but I know I want it to be writing related.

Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So, that was my work week in a handbag. I am planning for this week to be even more productive. Hope everyone has a great week!

What Are You Reading?: September 30

Good morning, everyone! How are you all doing today? Everyone is doing well on this end.

What are you reading this week?

I finished up the two books from last week late last night, and I put them away to make space for the two books coming up this week.

My reading focus this week is split between a Dragonlance fantasy novel and a nonfiction writing reference book. Brother of the Dragon is the second book of The Barbarian series by Paul B. Thompson and Book in a Month: The Fool-Proof System to Writing a Novel in 30 Days is by Victoria Lynn Schmidt.

Brother of the Dragon is purely for entertainment purposes. I love fantasy, and immersing myself in the world of Krynn makes me happy. Brother of the Dragon does not involve the usual canon of characters, but it does go into more of Krynn’s history, so I am looking forward to delving into it.

Book in a Month: The Fool-Proof System to Writing a Novel in 30 Days is a book I have been meaning to read for a while to help me work my way through writing a novel. I have so many novel-length projects that I want to work through and complete, but I have no idea where to start, so hopefully, this book will help me. I know it is full of exercises and “homework” assignments that I am meant to do as I read through the book, but if I did it that way, I would never finish this book in a week. So, I am going to read through it all the way first, then I will begin to implement the exercises to my writing projects the following week. I’m willing to try any writing process if it gets results.

Those are the two books on my reading schedule this week, and I can’t wait to start on them, but I do need to wait until tomorrow. Too much to do today. I hope you have all had a great Saturday!

New Release: The Daily Prompt 2017: October Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017 October Workbook is live on Amazon.  This paperback edition contains thirty-one brand new prompts for writers of all ages and skill levels.  Each prompt also has two pages of lined area, front and back, to scribble down notes, outlines, or full responses to the prompts.

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