Weekly Update: August 13th – August 19th

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Wow, what a week!  I will admit that while I managed to get a lot done, most of it was focused more on getting my home in order than it was on writing, reading, or business, in general.  It has been crazy.  Many of you know that my husband decided to move out at the beginning of the month, and while everything has been cordial between us, it has still been a bit stressful because he is having to move out around his work schedule.

Which is fine.

But, it has left my home in a bit of an upheaval.  He decided that he wasn’t going to remove many items from the house itself because Seth doesn’t like change, and furniture missing would be a big change for him.  I did tell him that he needed to take the bed and one of the dressers from the bedroom.  He bought the bed for his sleeping tastes, so it made sense for him to take it.  As for the dresser, we had two, and I don’t have that many articles of clothing.  I don’t even half-fill the one that he left here.

But that was personal stuff.  I managed to squeeze in a little work this week on something other than cleaning up the house.


Fortunately, the books I wanted to read this week were either a) on my cellphone or b) small and easy to transport.  When I wasn’t vacuuming the carpet, scrubbing a horrendous pet stain out of the carpet, or dusting cobwebs from the walls, I used my rest time to read.  I read Ad Astra by Kevin O. McLaughlin, A Warrior’s Journey by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook, and A Hero’s Justice by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook this week.

I don’t know how I managed to get all of these books read while I was resting in ten minute spurts, but I closed up and put down the last one Friday night around 11:00 PM.  It was probably all the late night reading because even after working all day, I was unable to wind down and sleep like I normally do.  Oh well, reading is good for me anyway.



Writing did not happen anywhere as much as I wanted it to this week.  I’ve had “Outline The Selkie” on my task list for three weeks now, and I still haven’t gotten to it.  “Draft The Siren’s Song” has been on it for two weeks.

But things have been crazy.  Between the separation and all that going on, the kids have also been winding up because school starts back in a week.  They are trying to squeeze in the last of their summer hurrahs.

Hopefully, this week will be better.  I have “The Selkie” on my list again, but it’s right at the beginning of the week during my “light” times, so it should get done.  “The Siren’s Song” is on the list as well, but it is closer to the end of the week, so if the kids are completely berserk by that point, it may get pushes into next week when the kids are no longer in the house.

Business (In General)

For this, I got a lot done.

For the most part, I have finished setting this blog up on the new domain.  I still have to fill out the side widgets, but the site is functional, and I feel that it looks good.  (Let me know if you think it sucks.  I’m new at this.)

I also consolidated all my work back on Amazon.  Even after taking everything wide, I was still only making sales on Amazon.  And with them wide and through an aggregator, I was unable to do coupons or any other free promotion, so I pulled them about two weeks ago.  I spent a few hours this week updating the interiors and relisting them in Amazon’s KDP Select.  At least now, I can use the 5-Free-Day promotion that Amazon offers its indie authors.

What Are You Reading? – August 19th

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What are you reading this week?

Last week, I flew through Ad Astra and A Warrior’s Journey.  I even found my copy of A Hero’s Justice, and I read that as well.  So I am all caught up on the books that I needed to read from the last week or two, and I am ready to start anew with two more books this week.

This week, I am reading After Math from the Off the Subject series by Denise Grover Swank and Alliances by Paul B. Thompson.  This book is from the Dragonlance saga, Elven Exiles series, volume 2.

I have had both of these books for a while now.  After Math has some good reviews, but it’s not a genre that I usually read, so I am not certain about what to expect from it.  Alliances, on the other hand, is a fantasy novel, and since it’s Dragonlance, I know I will gobble it up in no time.  I am looking forward to it because it is also a Dragonlance novel I have never read before.

This week isn’t supposed to be anywhere as crazy as the last couple of weeks have been.  I should be able to get through both of these books and complete all my writing tasks this week.  That’s the plan, anyway.

What are you planning to read this week?  Did you read a book last week?  Let me know in the comments below!  I love chatting about books.

If you would like to see more books that I have read and reviewed, please visit my Book Reviews.  I try to review every book that I read, but time constraints make it hard for me to leave a full review for all of them.  I also will not leave or share a poorly-rated review.

Weekly Update: August 6 – August 12

Weekly Update CoverIt has not been a very productive week.  Not in the least bit.  My husband and I decided to separate at the beginning of the month, and he has been moving out as he can around his work schedule.  And since he is currently working a seven-day week, life here is still in a bit of disarray as there are partially-packed boxes and stacks of things that need to be moved sitting in any available spot.

It is not conducive to my productivity, to say the least.  Everything should settle down here this week, moving-wise.

Farm-wise, we have field peas and tomatoes coming off the vines faster than we can sell them or put them in the freezer/can them.  I have been shelling peas most of the week.

When I was not shelling peas or slicing tomatoes for the dehydrator, I managed to finish a short story.  Since it is well below my usual word count threshold for publishing on Amazon, I will be posting it here on the blog sometime this month.  Other such shorts will be appearing as well.

This week, I’m not focusing so much on getting things written but more on getting this new domain set up the way it should be, decluttering and organizing my home, and keeping up with the summer harvest.  I am using the partial move as an opening to deep clean the carpets and rearrange a few of the rooms in this house.

What do you have planned for this week?

What Are You Reading?: August 12th

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What are you reading this week?

I will be honest and say that I did not finish both of my books from last week.  I seem to have mislaid one of them.  There has been a lot of packing and moving things around this week, and I think my book got moved from where I put it in the process.  It will turn up, and I will just have to read it once it does.

I finished A Crabby Killer on Wednesday, and I enjoyed it.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get around to reading it, but I’m glad that I have gotten the chance to read it now.

A Warrior's Journey: CoverThis week, I am reading A Warrior’s Journey, from the Dragonlance: Ergoth Trilogy, by Paul B. Thompson.  It is the first book in the series.  I would have read this one last week, but as I said above, we have been doing a lot of packing up and moving things around, and I did not know where this book was until the middle of the week.

Ad Astra: CoverI also have Ad Astra by Kevin O. McLaughlin on my reading list.  It is the first book in the Adventures of the Starship Satori series.  Kevin is in many of my writing groups online, and when I saw his book was up for grabs during a free promotion, I picked it up.  If you are reading this, Kevin, I’m sorry it has taken me this long to get around to reading it.

Both of these books should be quick reads for me.  They are both in genres that I absolutely love (fantasy and science fiction, if the covers didn’t give you a big enough hint), and this week should be moderately quiet, so I should be able to lose myself in a good book.

So, what are you reading this week?

Update Your Bookmarks!

We have a new web address!

Update your bookmarks with my new website address: http://www.jccauthon.com

With this new address comes many new plans, including more content for you to enjoy, individual pages for each of my pen names (so you won’t have to scour the internet to find them), and much more.  Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements as new projects roll out on my site.

What Are You Reading?: August 5th

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I’m taking the time this week to really enjoy two fiction books.  One of them is a recent publication, and the other is a trade paperback that I picked up years ago from a library book sale.

A Crabby Killer is from the Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series by Leighann Dobbs.  A Crabby Killer is the first book in the series, and I have been looking forward to reading this one for a while.  But, I’m a stickler for reading in the order that I bought the books, so this one had to wait.  But, since I now have three piles of books to read, and this one happened to be on the top of one of the piles, I *ahem* decided that I could read this one now.  I can’t wait to crack this book open this week!  

A Hero’s Justice is from the Dragonlance: Ergoth Trilogy by Paul B. Thompson.  It’s book three in the series.  I read the first two of the series years ago, and I may not remember enough about them to really get into this book, but I have had this book for a long time, and I really should finally read it.  It’s been out so long that Amazon didn’t even have a paperback version of it up for sale anymore.  I had to link to the audio version.

I would have added a third book, but we have a lot going on this week, and I’m honestly not certain that I will finish these two books before next Saturday.  We shall see.

What is on your reading list this week?

Book Review: The Royal Dragoneers

The Royal Dragoneers by M.R. Mathias

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It took me a while to read this novel, and it wasn’t because it was bad. It was long. If it had been a regular, printed copy that I was reading, I would have been done a lot sooner, but because it was on my Kindle, it took me a while longer to read it.

It was a very good novel. The story was believable and gripping. The characters felt real, and I found myself wanting to know more about them and caring about what happened to them.

The only issue I honestly found was that I felt like there were too many characters to follow. Near the end of the book, I had to go back a few times and search for the names of the people in the scene so I could figure out who I seeing the story through. I think that if it had been limited to Zah, Jenka, and Rikky, the story would have been easier for me to follow. Even the Prince’s point-of-view would have been expected.

The moment the story jumped into the point-of-view of Linux, I found myself overwhelmed and not really sure where I was in the timeline because it was jumping characters so much and jumping back and forth through the timeline a lot. Something just happened in the previous character’s point-of-view, then the next point-of-view that is introduced may be telling about actions that occurred twenty minutes or as much as an hour before. It got a little confusing.

Otherwise, it was an epic story. Great read.

What Are You Reading? – July 29th

I almost forgot this post–again!  Life has been so hectic lately that keeping up with weekly habits has fallen to the wayside.  Daily habits–yeh, I got those handled, but if it’s something I have to do weekly, I am currently forgetting them with regularity.  I’m hoping my new bullet journal fixes this problem for me.

Anywho, this week, I will be reading two more books.  K9 and the Missing Planet by David Martin and 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K. M. Weiland.

 This is the final book in the K9 series, and though they are intended for children to read, they have been fun to read.  I love anything Doctor Who.  And I mean anything.  I grabbed most of the Doctor Who series recently, so I will be reading a lot of them this year.

5 Secrets of Story Structure is a freebie that I got for signing up for K. M. Weiland’s newsletter, and her website and newsletter are an amazing source of writerly advice and information, so I have enjoyed reading those.  I’m expecting the same feeling when I read this book.  That and hopefully some insight on how to structure my novels.

So, that is my reading list for the week.  What are you reading?

What Are You Reading? – July 8th

I spent a lot of time this week trying to decide what I wanted to read in this upcoming week.   I missed, I think, two weeks of reading due to the renovation of our bathroom.  The kids and I were displaced from the house because the water was turned off, and with my middle son in an unfamiliar place, my tablet became his lifeline to normality.  He does not handle change very well, so I let him have my tablet to play his alphabet and number games to help him handle the change.  He did well, but bedtime was upsetting every night as he had to sleep somewhere other than his room.

That being said, reading and writing were not high on my priority list.

I am getting back on track this week, however.

 This coming week, I will be reading Chris Fox’s newest release, Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist, which I am hoping will give me some insight on re-releasing the fiction on my J. C. Cauthon backlist under new pen names and possibly new titles (with a lot of edits to be done internally).  I see some of the issues that I need to handle without anyone’s help, but I will admit that I do not have a clue how to relaunch a book and have it seen.  As for the pen names, even I find it confusing when I am releasing Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, pure Fantasy, and Nonfiction all under the same name, so I am planning to separate them under four different names, with J. C. Cauthon continuing as the nonfiction pen name.  I will announce the other names as soon as I have decided what I want to use.  I’m thinking about variations of my own name just so everyone can find my books.

As for K-9 and the Time Trap, what can I say?  I am in the mood for some science fiction, and since I am a Doctor Who fan, through and through, I figured, why not? I’m not sure how long this book is as I haven’t even found it yet (I know I own it, but it’s on one of these book shelves somewhere.  I’ll locate it later today.), but I’m certain it will be a fairly quick read for me as I read the final Harry Potter book in less than a day.

That is what I will be reading this week.  What is on your to-read pile this week?

What Are You Reading?: June 17th

I changed up the title a little, mostly because a lot of the nonfiction books that I have lined up to read have titles that are about a mile long, and I could not find a way to list them in the title without truncating said title so much that you could not determine what book I was talking about.  Anywho…

I finished up last week’s books sometime around Wednesday, and I spent the next two days thinking of ways to apply those techniques to my writing process for a week or two to see if they added to my production or subtracted from it.  I will start testing those on Monday, when my writing routine picks back up.  (I rarely write on the weekends.  I use Saturday and Sunday to schedule announcements, format books, make book covers, and so on.)

This week, I will be reading Successful Self-Publishing:  How to Self-Publish and Market your Book in Ebook and Print by Joanna Penn and Fat Girl Hiking by Juniper Shaw.

I chose Joanna Penn’s book because I am beginning to up my game when it comes to publishing, both nonfiction and fiction, and I needed more information on how to make my adventure as successful as possible.  I love her podcast, and I listen to it as often as I can.  Especially when I need the inspiration to get off my behind and get to work.

Fat Girl Hiking is a review request from a brand-new author.  Juniper asked me to read her book and leave an honest review almost a month ago, and due to school getting out, kids in general, and life, well, I haven’t gotten to it yet.  So I am adding that to my reading list for this upcoming week.

What are you planning to read this week?