A Week in Review: February 11, 2018

A Week in Review: J. C. Cauthon - http://www.jccauthon.com #amwriting #plans #nonfictionwriting In all honesty, I did not manage to complete a lot this week.  Well, not on the writing projects that I wanted to focus on.  See, it takes a lot of time to schedule a year’s worth of writing prompts to a blog.  At least, it does for me.  (If you know of some super quick short-cut for mass posting, please let me know!)  I spent the entire week scheduling the last of The Daily Prompts for the rest of the year.

It’s one thing off my To-Do list, and believe me, that sucker is massive.

We also had an incident that required a trip to the dentist and minor surgery on my oldest son, so I had to deal with that and the aftermath this week as well.  He is fine, though.  It is all fixed, and he is feeling much better.

So, this week’s update and upcoming plans are very similar to last week’s list of things I want to get done this week.  I’m planning to reintroduce my genre prompt collections, and I’m focusing on the science fiction and fantasy collection first.  So, figuring out how I want to format that and what types of prompts I wish to include in that collection are the two tasks on my To-Do list for this pen name this week.  (Everyone has their own list per project that I work through.)

So, that’s it for now.  Tune in every morning for your daily writing prompt, and feel free to share them with me via the comment section or by contacting me.  Either way, I love to read them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Weekly Update: February 4, 2018

J. C. Cauthon's Weekly Writing Update - http://www.jccauthon.com #amwriting #plans #nonfictionwritingGood morning, everyone!  Once again, I must apologize for falling off the map and disappearing.  A lot of decisions had to be made at the end of the year (2017), and with the holidays, the continual cold (winter is definitely not my favorite time of the year), and with the continual colds that plague my children every winter, it took me a but longer to make those decisions than I had planned.

As of December 31, 2017, there will be no more workbooks released, no more monthly prompt sets released, and the yearly edition will be released the month before the year begins.  For example, The Daily Prompt 2018 was released in December of 2017.

I am, once again, toying with the idea of releasing genre collections throughout the year.  I tried this in 2016, and although the books gained some popularity, the collections were not well-planned beforehand, and the idea fell apart.  This time around, I plan for each genre to have at least 300 prompts per released book to make it more substantial, and they will be published throughout the year, but I still have a lot of planning to do.

Other than that, there has not been a lot happening under my J. C. Cauthon “hat.”  That’s what I call my many pen names.  My fiction “hats” are all starting new projects this month as well, so don’t forget to check out those blogs if the genres interest you.

Toodaloo for now!  I’ll check in again next week–hopefully, with more news.

Book Review: Once Bitten

Once Bitten: A Book Review by Jessica Cauthon - www.jccauthon.com #reading #books #bookreview

Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When I first started reading this book, I really thought I was going to have to stop reading it simply because it felt like it was going to read like every other supernatural romance novel out there. Instead, it took an interesting turn, and the momentum started to build.

The characters were amazing. Well, the main ones were: Arys, Alexi, and Shaz. A couple of the background werewolves were very well-rounded, but other than Kale and Jez, most of the beings she worked with fell flat. Veryl really didn’t stand out, and Lilah had one cameo appearance. Even Raoul, who was supposed to be the suspect in the novel, didn’t stand out all that much to me. Other than him being a self-centered pig, he blended right in with the rest of the background characters for me.

But the overall story will bring you in. It starts out slow, but it builds and builds until it’s like a snowball rolling down the hill at you. You can’t help but get caught up in it.

What I can say is that if you can overlook some of the flatter characters in this novel, they do round out in the following novels of the series, which is a must read. I’m already up to Book 6!


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New Release: The Daily Prompt 2018

The Daily Prompt 2018 - J. C. Cauthon #writingprompts #writing #inspirationDo you have days where you feel like your written words are struggling to break the surface?

Do you sit down, wanting to write, but find that the words won’t come?

The Daily Prompt 2018 is a collection of writing prompts designed specifically to help you get words on the page.  Each prompt is inspirational in its own way, and with a prompt for each day of the year, you are certain to find something to write every day.

Use these prompts to break the damn that is holding back your words and get yourself in the habit of writing every single day.

Buy now in e-book or print format!

The Daily Prompt 2017: 365 Creative Writing Prompts for 365 Days of the Year - J. C. Cauthon #writing #writingprompts #creativewriting

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Book Review: Jenny Pox

Jenny Pox: A Book Review by Jessica Cauthon - www.jccauthon.com #reading #books #bookreview

Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It took me a while to get through this book, and it’s not because it’s poorly written or boring. It’s anything but. The storyline is great, and fantastical. And it’s very well done. What kept me from reading this quickly was the antagonist.

Jenny and Seth were very well-rounded. They had their good, they had their bad, and you got to see it all. Ashleigh was just a flat witch. She may have come across as good to all the other people in the book, but as a reader, she was just wicked to the core, which is what she was supposed to be. But after reading half the book and having to force myself through her sappy “I’m so perfect” drivel while her thoughts were the exact opposite of everything she did and said, I had to take breaks regularly.

I think that if Ashleigh had had even one redeeming quality, the book would have been better for me, but alas, she didn’t, so I had to be happy with the parts that involved Jenny and Seth.

Overall, the plot and history behind the story were very good and very creative and most of the characters were quality characters. I would suggest this read to others, but I would tell them to push themselves through Ashleigh’s part because the rest of the book is worth it.


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