New Release: The Daily Prompt 2017

The Daily Prompt 2017 - J. C. Cauthon #writingprompts #writing #inspirationDo you have days where you feel like your written words are blocked?

Do you sit down, wanting to write, but find that the words don’t come?

The Daily Prompt 2017 is a collection of writing prompts designed specifically to help you get words on the page.  Each prompt is inspirational in its own way, and with a prompt for each day of the year, you are certain to find something to write every day.

Use these prompts to break the dam that is holding back your words and get yourself in the habit of writing every single day.

Buy now in e-book or print format!

The Daily Prompt 2017: 365 Creative Writing Prompts for 365 Days of the Year - J. C. Cauthon #writing #writingprompts #creativewritingFor more books by J. C. Cauthon, please visit her Book List.


Book Review: Dream Student

Dream Student: A Book Review by Jessica Cauthon - #reading #books #bookreview

Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This was a book that I wanted to love. It had a good concept behind it, and the story was compelling. However, I still find that it was not my cup of tea, so to speak.

It was written in a tense that I am not used to reading in, and it is not a tense that I would have chosen to read in if I had known before I purchased the book. It’s written in first person, present tense, and it’s written almost like a diary.

Also, there were way too many characters introduced. The main characters were easy enough to keep up with, but they were dry and almost two-dimensional. I never knew enough about them to really want to stay interested in them, and when the writer added more characters on top of that, it became very confusing. Between her house-mates and Brian’s house-mates, all the names began to blur together about halfway through the book.

The book did get stronger, however–the writing tighter towards the last two-thirds of the novel. The pace never picked up enough for me, but the story was a good read.

I put the sequel on my to-read list because I want to continue with the story.


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Weekly Update: December 4

So, I’m realizing here lately that I am not doing so well with the remembering to update everyone on what has been happening here this week.  This was on my list of things to do, but somehow, I missed it.

The Daily Prompt 2017

The Daily Prompt 2017 comes out this week.  It includes every creative writing prompt from the 2017 monthly series.  This book will be available at Amazon, and you will be able to purchase it in e-book format and in paperback.

Another Year of Blog Prompts

This is taking me longer to complete than I care to admit.  I have been working on the graphics for the daily prompts that I share on the blog for almost two months.  It’s a simple copy & paste job with a little bit of fiddling to make it fit in the margins of the background graphic, and for some reason, I just can’t seem to plant my behind in the chair and get it done.

I will have these ready to roll out in time for 2018, so don’t worry–you won’t miss a single day of writing.

That’s All, Folks

Other than that, it has been a fairly quiet week here in my home office.  The house is decorated for Christmas, the kids are ready for school to be out, and there is a somewhat winter chill in the air.  (There are days where I actually have to wear my winter jacket in the morning.  I’m in t-shirts by the end of the afternoon, however.)

Book Review: Darker Things

Darker Things: A Book Review by Jessica Cauthon - #reading #books #bookreview

Darker Things by Rob Cornell

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When Craig Lockman opens the door to come face to face with a daughter he did not even known he had, let’s just say his whole world turns upside-down. And not just because he suddenly realizes he has a daughter. That would do it for most people, but for Craig Lockman, within those few minutes of his daughter showing up, his protective identity is destroyed, he and his daughter are attacked by vampires sent by the man Lockman has been hiding from, and things just keep getting weirder.

Within the first few chapters of this novel, the main characters are attacked by vampires, shapeshifters, and a ghost. Before the end of the novel, we’ve also seen imps, werewolves, and serious magic.

This novel is probably one of the better fantasy/paranormal/supernatural novels I have seen written in a long time. The author did not just pull the usual collection of creatures into the mix; he dug deeper and found magical creatures and demons that most writers overlook.

And the characters and story line were just amazing. Every once in a while there would be a little twist and turn and it just made it so much better.

I would definitely recommend this novel to others to read. I want more!


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Book Review: Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead: A Book Review by Jessica Cauthon -- #reading #books #bookreview

Better Off Dead by H.P. Mallory

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When I saw the cover, I thought it was going to be a really bad read because yes, I do judge a book by it’s cover sometimes. I was wrong this time. It was definitely a beginning of a series novel, or a Book 1 of whatever novel. There was a lot of world set-up in it, but H. P. Mallory did a good job of spacing it out between action and dialogue, so it wasn’t as noticeable as it is in so many other novels I have read.

The characters were very well-balanced. The only one I really had a problem with was Bill, and that was mostly because I always new that when he opened his mouth, something rude and crude was about to be said. He seemed a little flat to me in this book simply because I always knew what he would do next.

I did have a few problems with the Lily character. She died and was sent back as a Retriever. I get that. But she was supposed to be sent back with a completely new identity so that her original self would be dead. She got a new body, and a new name, but she introduces herself constantly as Lily Harper, instead of with her new name. Just leaves me wondering if that will cause problems down the road.

All in all, a good read. A quick one. I finished it the same day I started it.


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