Cover Reveal: The Daily Prompt 2017: October Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017: October Workbook is coming soon!  With thirty-one brand new prompts, October 2017 is packed full of story seeds.  This monthly collection is scheduled to arrive in the Amazon storefront on September 28th.

Book Review: Sworn to Transfer

Sworn to Transfer by Terah Edun

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I read through this entire series this week, so I will be reviewing this book for it’s own merits and then comparing it to the first novel in the series.

The story was much better this time for me. I was drawn into it, and I was able to overlook most of the writing errors as long as they were not so glaringly bad that I felt the need to pull my hair out. It still needed a lot of editing work, and I found a few scenes that felt unnecessary to me. I read through them several times to see if I missed something, but I could never find anything that those scenes added to the story other than word count.

I learned a bit more about the characters in this novel, and they began to take more shape as real people, but, at the same time, they kept contradicting themselves (both in this novel and from things they did in the first novel). There were several instances where Ciardis did something or put herself in a situation that a real person with her same attributes and characteristics would have never done. Acting out of character, so to speak.

The story is there, though, and it shows promise. It was a bit of a tough read if you notice every grammar issue or could not find the author’s writing rhythm, but the story can and will entertain you if you can look past those major issues.


Cover Reveal: The Daily Prompt 2017: October

Just a few more days, and The Daily Prompt 2017: October collection will be out.  Coming on September 26, this prompt series provides you with thirty-one more prompts to inspire creativity.  Keep your eyes peeled for this book on Amazon.

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New Release: The Daily Prompt 2017: July – September Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017: July – September Workbook is now available on Amazon.  This paperback edition contains ninety-two writing prompts with four lined pages per prompt to write your responses.  Each prompt is meant to inspire ideas and help you commit words to the page.

Grab this quarterly edition of my Workbook series for less than the cost of purchasing each of the months individually.

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Cover Reveal: The Daily Prompt 2017: July – September Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017: July – September Workbook is coming soon!  Keeping in tradition, this cover is similar to the others.  This workbook will contain ninety-two prompts, just like the e-book edition that came out on September 5th.  This book, however, is available only in paperback, and each prompt has four pages of writing room to make your notes, write out a short draft, or outline a longer work.

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Keep your eyes open!  This book will be available on Amazon on September 12th.