A Week in Review: February 11, 2018

A Week in Review: J. C. Cauthon - http://www.jccauthon.com #amwriting #plans #nonfictionwriting In all honesty, I did not manage to complete a lot this week.  Well, not on the writing projects that I wanted to focus on.  See, it takes a lot of time to schedule a year’s worth of writing prompts to a blog.  At least, it does for me.  (If you know of some super quick short-cut for mass posting, please let me know!)  I spent the entire week scheduling the last of The Daily Prompts for the rest of the year.

It’s one thing off my To-Do list, and believe me, that sucker is massive.

We also had an incident that required a trip to the dentist and minor surgery on my oldest son, so I had to deal with that and the aftermath this week as well.  He is fine, though.  It is all fixed, and he is feeling much better.

So, this week’s update and upcoming plans are very similar to last week’s list of things I want to get done this week.  I’m planning to reintroduce my genre prompt collections, and I’m focusing on the science fiction and fantasy collection first.  So, figuring out how I want to format that and what types of prompts I wish to include in that collection are the two tasks on my To-Do list for this pen name this week.  (Everyone has their own list per project that I work through.)

So, that’s it for now.  Tune in every morning for your daily writing prompt, and feel free to share them with me via the comment section or by contacting me.  Either way, I love to read them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Weekly Update: February 4, 2018

J. C. Cauthon's Weekly Writing Update - http://www.jccauthon.com #amwriting #plans #nonfictionwritingGood morning, everyone!  Once again, I must apologize for falling off the map and disappearing.  A lot of decisions had to be made at the end of the year (2017), and with the holidays, the continual cold (winter is definitely not my favorite time of the year), and with the continual colds that plague my children every winter, it took me a but longer to make those decisions than I had planned.

As of December 31, 2017, there will be no more workbooks released, no more monthly prompt sets released, and the yearly edition will be released the month before the year begins.  For example, The Daily Prompt 2018 was released in December of 2017.

I am, once again, toying with the idea of releasing genre collections throughout the year.  I tried this in 2016, and although the books gained some popularity, the collections were not well-planned beforehand, and the idea fell apart.  This time around, I plan for each genre to have at least 300 prompts per released book to make it more substantial, and they will be published throughout the year, but I still have a lot of planning to do.

Other than that, there has not been a lot happening under my J. C. Cauthon “hat.”  That’s what I call my many pen names.  My fiction “hats” are all starting new projects this month as well, so don’t forget to check out those blogs if the genres interest you.

Toodaloo for now!  I’ll check in again next week–hopefully, with more news.

Weekly Update: December 4

So, I’m realizing here lately that I am not doing so well with the remembering to update everyone on what has been happening here this week.  This was on my list of things to do, but somehow, I missed it.

The Daily Prompt 2017

The Daily Prompt 2017 comes out this week.  It includes every creative writing prompt from the 2017 monthly series.  This book will be available at Amazon, and you will be able to purchase it in e-book format and in paperback.

Another Year of Blog Prompts

This is taking me longer to complete than I care to admit.  I have been working on the graphics for the daily prompts that I share on the blog for almost two months.  It’s a simple copy & paste job with a little bit of fiddling to make it fit in the margins of the background graphic, and for some reason, I just can’t seem to plant my behind in the chair and get it done.

I will have these ready to roll out in time for 2018, so don’t worry–you won’t miss a single day of writing.

That’s All, Folks

Other than that, it has been a fairly quiet week here in my home office.  The house is decorated for Christmas, the kids are ready for school to be out, and there is a somewhat winter chill in the air.  (There are days where I actually have to wear my winter jacket in the morning.  I’m in t-shirts by the end of the afternoon, however.)

Weekly Update: November 26th

A Week in Review: November 26th - J. C. Cauthon #update #wip #holidaysIt has begun.  The beginning of the end.

The end of the year, that is.

For most people, this is the time of year where they want to be with their family and their friends, and they want to be sociable.

I want to take a box of books, some writing paper and pens, and a ration of food, and I want to go into a “seclusion” within my own home.

But, alas, as a now-single mother of four younger children, I cannot.  Besides, it is expected of me to be at the family gatherings, at least.

New Release

I released The Daily Prompt 2017: December digital edition on November 21st.

Don’t panic if you think you missed the announcement.  I never sent it.

I know.  Bad, bad me.  It was the last day before the children got out of school for five whole days, and I had to double-check and make sure I was ready for them to eat me out of house and home for five straight days.  Yes, I spent the majority of that Tuesday at the grocery store, spending money I didn’t have to spend on food.

They go back to school tomorrow, and it looks like a swarm of locusts attacked my pantry.

Moving right along…

Upcoming Release

On November 28th, I will be releasing The Daily Prompt 2017: December Workbook.

This is my very last workbook.  I made the announcement several weeks ago (whenever the last time was that I posted an update) that I was going to be discontinuing the workbooks simply because no one besides myself had purchased any.  No one complained about my announcement, so I will continue through with my decision.

Other Things Worth Mentioning (sorta…)

I’m also deliberating on changing up the way I publish my prompt series again.  This year was a flop when it came to sells.  It was a bad year, all around.

So, in December, prepare yourself for a bit of chaos when it comes to my publications.  I will be releasing The Daily Prompt 2017 full year set, the paperback for the same year, and I am thinking about doing away with the monthly installments and going back to a yearly publication only, so The Daily Prompt 2018 and its paperback edition will be coming out in December as well.

I also think there is another quarterly box set for 2017 scheduled for release in December as well.

Chaos, chaos, chaos…everywhere.

And on that note, it’s Sunday, three-quarters of my children are off with their grandparents, so I am going to go write while I have something that resembles peace and quiet happening here in the home.

A Week in Review: November 12th

A Week in Review: November 12th - J. C. Cauthon #wip #writing #writingprompts

Good morning, everyone!  It’s Sunday morning here in eastern North Carolina, the sun is shining, but it is cold.

It has been a busy and productive week here.  As many of you know, I am working towards the goal of beginning to publish my fiction works.  As I write in several genres consistently, I have decided to set up pen names for each genre.  I spent the majority of my week setting up websites for those four fiction names, and I have updated the links in the “For New Readers” section in the upper right-hand side of your screen.  Feel free to visit them, but please keep in mind that I am building them in my spare time, so several pages haven’t been populated yet, and the blog has not begun, either.

The rest of my week was spent working on my nonfiction books.

The Daily Prompt 2017: December

For those of you who use my prompt collections, the December edition of The Daily Prompt 2017 will be coming out on November 21st.  It contains thirty-one brand new prompts and rounds out the year with a final prompt that will help you focus on your writing goals for 2018.

The Daily Prompt 2017: December Workbook

The Daily Prompt 2017: December Workbook has the same thirty-one prompts as the e-book edition, but this format allows writers to pen their own notes on the pages alongside each prompt.  It will be published on November 28th.

This will be the final workbook that I will be publishing.  I tested the waters for six months to see if this would be a welcome commodity, and in all honesty, the only copies I sold were to myself as I purchased proofs to make sure all the formatting was correct.  So, unless a large group rallies and begs me to continue with these paperback editions, they will no longer be published.

I will, however, continue to publish the full 2017 prompt collection in paperback format.  This edition lists each prompt and does not provide the space to write out your response to the prompts within the book.

The Daily Prompt 2018 series

I have been steadily working on the prompts and formatting for the 2018 Daily Prompt series.  These will begin to roll out to the stores on December 26, 2017 with the publication of The Daily Prompt 2018: January.


That has been my week.  With the holiday season coming up, the kids are I are looking forward to adding some new traditions to the home.   I will continue to write throughout the holiday season, but my daily word count will not be as much as it has been.  I will also be spreading my words out between my nonfiction projects and my fiction projects.

Tune in next week for my next update.